• CCTV Installed

    Protect your property, buildings, lots, warehouses and any assets with video monitoring.

    -All systems warrantied
    -We maintain, clean, adjust and
    focus as necessary
    -Remote viewing via Android, iPhone, iPad etc


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    CCTV Installed
  • Fiber Services

    Contact us for your fiber termination needs. Long runs or short, Fortitude4 can accommodate your business needs.

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    Fiber Services
  • Firewall Solutions Firewall Solutions

    A firewall is only as effective as the configuration it is utilizing!

    Contact us for an evaluation of your firewall configuration. We are capable of performing network reconnaissance and can work actively to determine where your ‘holes’ are and how they could be exploited.

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  • Electric Strikes

    We can deliver the most common HES electric strikes the same business day you need them!*

    *subject to delivery location and availability

  • Copper services Copper services

    Cat5 and Cat6e distribution for your business. Built to be scalable to help your business grow; designed with easy management in mind.

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Small office network design with
manageability and growth in mind.

Solutions to meet your expanding business needs

Our services are custom designed to meet your SOHO (small office/home office) needs while conforming to your financial needs.

Network Monitoring and Statistics

We can provide your business with network monitoring to alert you of an outage and configure a system to poll stats and provide graphs of network utilization.

Network Documentation

We provide adequate documentation for cable runs and network segments to enhance the usability and growth of your network.

Why trust big-box stores?

Next time you're at a big-box store ask a member of their team that performs these services if they have ever managed corporate or small business firewalls and network equipment. The answers could surprise you.