• Deterrent

Theft and crime prevention is the goal. Suspicious individuals on your property are likely to have serious second thoughts about malicious activity when the asailent realizes they are under video surveillance.

  • Providing Reliable Evidence

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, especially to a district magistrate, detectives and/or a jury.

  • Remote video accessibility

Most CCTV implementations allow for configurations that provide access to your video equipment from anywhere you have internet, WiFI or data from your mobile provider. Functionality includes remote playback of previously recorded events.

  • Viewing Video From Your PC

Specialized systems also allow access to your video equipment with a PC from virtually anywhere you have an internet connection. Using remote monitoring software, you can access the system and see almost everything that you would see if you were physically on-site.

  • Digital Video Recorders(DVR) and Network Video Recorders(NVR):

Systems retain video captured from your cameras. Data retention is based on how often you’re recording, whether motion or constant, and the drive size. If your security needs require longer retention periods, drive additions are available.

  • Improve Service

By remotely monitoring your location you can gain a deeper insight and control of your operations. Check employee presence, ensure customer service and smooth operation.